The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2004   
Social Sciences
  • Ákos EGYED: The Letter of a Szekler Serf Women from 1848. Contribution to the role of “Szekler heritage” in the history of the Szeklers.
  • Lajos DEMÉNY: The Szekler policy of Gábor Bethlen.
  • Dr. Miklós SZABÓ: Students from Ciuc studying at universities before 1918
  • János SZŐCS: Three Acts from the Region of Ciuc
  • Mária DOMOKOS: Hymnbooks from Ciuc
  • Erzsébet MUCKENHAUPT: Four maculatura of Anton Koberger
  • Éva BENEDEK - Erzsébet MUCKENHAUPT: The preservation and identification of the books found in the monastery from Şumuleu Ciuc in 1985 

The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2005   
Social Sciences

Archaeology – History
  • János BÁRTH: The use of snow – covered mountains from Nicoleşti and the early population of the Trotuş valley
  • István BOTÁR: The archaeological research of the Csonkatorony (Broken Tower) from Tomeşti in 2003
  • István FERENCZI: The centenary of Vasile Pârvan’s birth (1982)
  • Csaba GIDÓ: Railway line plans and constructions in Ciuc County in the period of dualism
  • Márta NAGY: The life of a noble who rose to eminence: Ferenc Hídvégi Mikó (1585 - 1635)

The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2006   
Archaeology – History
  • Csongor DERZSI – Zsolt NYÁRÁDI – András SÓFALVI: The history of the reformed parish of Tăureni in view of the archaeological and archival researches
  • Géza FERENCZI: On the population of “csango” (more ancient) of Moldavia
  • Dénes BALÁZS: A source of the national auto - knowledge: perefernum – letters or lists of dowry
  • Zselyke BERECZKI – ORBÁN: About popular nutrition in Satu Mare County

The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2007−2008   
  • BOTÁR István: Results of the archaeological excavations of Saint Peter and Pal parish church (2002–2005) in Csíksomlyó
  • NYÁRÁDI Zsolt: Information to the history of settlements of Odorheiu Secuiesc:
  • the conclusions of a particular collection
  • BÓDÁN Zsolt: “You must not put them into the consecrated earth.” The elements that manifest themselves in behavior of the attitude in connection with the suicide in Gyimesközéplok
  • FARKAS Irén: Counterpane, traditional texture in the Csík area

The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2009   
Volume I.

  • FERENCZI Géza: The bibliography (nearly complete, 1939–2006) of the archeolog Dr. S.C. et H.C. István Ferenczi
  • KÖRÖSFÕI Zsolt – DARVAS LÓRÁNT: Excavation of a house from 4th century A. D. in Sâncrãieni
  • NYÁRÁDI Zsolt: Medieval villages in Székelyudvarhely’s shad
  • BALÁZSI Dénes: Cooperatives in the valley of Nicou-Alb in the first half of the 20th century
  • BARTIS Erika: The economic situation of Csíkszentkirály in the modern times 17–19th centuries

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