The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2007−2008   
  • BOTÁR István: Results of the archaeological excavations of Saint Peter and Pal parish church (2002–2005) in Csíksomlyó
  • NYÁRÁDI Zsolt: Information to the history of settlements of Odorheiu Secuiesc: the conclusions of a particular collection
  • BÓDÁN Zsolt: “You must not put them into the consecrated earth.” The elements that manifest themselves in behavior of the attitude in connection with the suicide in Gyimesközéplok
  • FARKAS Irén: Counterpane, traditional texture in the Csík area
  • PETI Lehel: Adaptation and segregation. The communication of the cultural differences in a Hungarian–Gypsy coexistence in a village settled along the Târnava Mică river
  • SALLÓ Szilárd: Urszita in Ghimes Valley
  • SZŐCSNÉ GAZDA Enikő – SZŐCS Imre: Old bound big gates of the Fiság Valley
Natural Sciences
  • JÁNOSI Csaba – PÉTER Éva – BERSZÁN József – JÁNOSI Kincső: Mineral waters and gas escapes in the Depressions of Ciucul Superior and Ghimes
  • KEREKES Szilárd: Occurence of Saxifraga hirculus L. in Romania
  • PÁL Zoltán – CZELLECZ Boglárka – KIS Boglárka – SZÁSZ Árpád – SZÉKELY BORBÁLA:
  • Medical considerations on Calcium : Magnesium ratio in Romanian mineral waters
  • PATKÓ Ferenc: About the woodeating beetles (Coleoptera xilophaga) of the Hargita Mountains / Romania
  • SOS Tibor: Notes on distribution of herpetofauna from Micloşoara (Covasna County) and the preliminary list of the local beliefs related to them
  • WANEK Ferenc: Research History of the Lignit-bearing Pliocene Deposits in the Basin Chain Barót–Brassó–Háromszék. 2nd Chapter: The begenning of the 20th century
  • SZŐCS János: Bárth János: Az eleven székely tízes. Szekler ”decimals” in the 17–19th centuries
  • GYARMATI Zsolt: The activity of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc in 2006–2008

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