The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2006   
Archaeology – History
  • Csongor DERZSI – Zsolt NYÁRÁDI – András SÓFALVI: The history of the reformed parish of Tăureni in view of the archaeological and archival researches
  • Géza FERENCZI: On the population of “csango” (more ancient) of Moldavia
  • Dénes BALÁZS: A source of the national auto - knowledge: perefernum – letters or lists of dowry
  • Zselyke BERECZKI – ORBÁN: About popular nutrition in Satu Mare County
  • Irén FARKAS: Wooden presents of love in the collection of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc
  • Szilárd SALLÓ: Wichcraft and superstition in Ghimeş valley
History of Culture
  • Erzsébet MUCKENHAUPT: A 16th century medieval binding from Debrecen (Hungary) in the ancient books collection of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc
  • János SZŐCS: The first newspaper of Ciuc, Hadi Lap (War Newspaper) 1849
  • János KASSAY – Gyula BAKACSI: The effects of the adhesion of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU on Hungary’s manpower – market
  • Tamás MOHAY: Sphere of attraction in change: the pilgrimage of Şumuleu Ciuc
  • Katalin PÉTER E.: Emigration from Ciuc County in 1850 – 1910.
Geology –  Hidrology
  • Csaba JÁNOSI – Éva PÉTER – József BERSZÁN – Kincső JÁNOSI: Mineral waters and gas escapes in the basin of Ciucul de Jos and Casin
  • Csilla ALBERT – Szidónia SALAMON – Lóránt DARVAS – János KOVÁCS – Rózália SALAMON – Beáta ALBERT – Zsuzsanna CSAPÓNÉ KISS – János CSAPÓ: Age determination of two mammoths from Hungary and Transylvania based on acid racemization in tusk and bone
  • László DEMETER – Balázs MÉREY: Data on the distribution, morphology and ecology of the fairy shrimp Drepanosurus hankoi in Szeklerland   
Environmental protection
  • Szilárd KEREKES: The ecological and environmentalist evolution of changes in flora in Borsáros – fen (Sâncrăieni)
  • Pál PÉTER: Protection of the agricultural environment in Harghita County
Restoration of works of art
  • Éva BENEDEK: The restoration of the document found in the tower of the St. Anna Catholic Church from Rupea.
  • Zsuzsa MARA: A modified copy of the Virgin Mary-statue from Mariazell. Legend, tradition, suppositions on aesthetic incurred alterations, and restoration.
  • Éva HUBBES: Géza Ferenczi 1924 – 2007
  • András SZABÓ: Expectations fro creating a myth: Sándor Szopos

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