The Yearbook of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc 2005   
Social Sciences

Archaeology – History
  • János BÁRTH: The use of snow – covered mountains from Nicoleşti and the early population of the Trotuş valley
  • István BOTÁR: The archaeological research of the Csonkatorony (Broken Tower) from Tomeşti in 2003
  • István FERENCZI: The centenary of Vasile Pârvan’s birth (1982)
  • Csaba GIDÓ: Railway line plans and constructions in Ciuc County in the period of dualism
  • Márta NAGY: The life of a noble who rose to eminence: Ferenc Hídvégi Mikó (1585 - 1635)
  • György NÉMETH: “I dispose hastily about the martial readiness.” The activity of Colonel Sándor Gál in Transylvania between January and May 1849.
History of Culture
  • Zsuzsa CZAGÁNY – Erzsébet MUCKENHAUPT – Ágnes PAPP: Medieval notated liturgical fragments from the collection of the Franciscan Monastery from Şumuleu Ciuc
  • Ákos EGYED: Preliminaries of the formation of the Transylvanian Museum Association (Erdélyi Múzeum Egyesület)
  • Norbert MEDGYESI – SCHMIKLI: One of the most ancient motives of the mystery plays of Şumuleu Ciuc
  • Pál RICHTER: Dies Irae - written sources and folk variants of a funeral hymn
  • Béla ROZSONDAI: Transylvanian persons in the album amicorum of Ferenc Pápai Páriz Jr.
  • János SZŐCS: The primary section of the grammar school from Şumuleu Ciuc
  • Éva BENEDEK: Conservation of the books found in the Franciscan Monastery from Călugăreni
  • Zsuzsanna MARA: Conservation and restoration of a baroque sculpture group with niche, 18 th century- "Saint Anne teaching the Child Mary".
Activity of the Museum
  • István FERENCZI: About the usage of Hungarian language in scientific publications (1947)
  • János SZŐCS – Zsolt GYARMATI: Wind of changes and old reflexes in the contemporary Romanian historiography of Szeklerland
  • Zsolt GYARMATI: The Szekler Musum of Ciuc in 2004 – 2005. Exhibitions – programmes – publications.
Natural Sciences

Applied Chemistry
  • Csilla ALBERT – Rozália SALAMON – János CSAPÓ: Determination of fossil materials’ age based on the transformation and racemization of amino acids
  • László DEMETER – Gyöngyvér MARA: Distribution and dimensions of the population of the moor frog (Rana arvalis) in the Ciuc basin
  • István MÁTHÉ – Enikő BALÁZS -  Béla TÓTHMÉRÉSZ – István URÁK: Comparative Analysis of the carabid fauna of Mohos and Lucs peat bogs of the Carpathias (Romania)
  • Laura BÁLINT – Sándor ORBÁN: Bryofloristocal researches in literatures regarding Harghita - , Ciuc - , and Hăşmaşul Mare Mountains.
  • Éva GYÖRGY: Study of the anatomical specifics developed as a response to the light and humidity in leaves and branches of flowering plants
  • Pál PÁLFALVI: Gagea spathacea (Hayne) Salisb in Transylvania
  • Tibor RUSSU: Comparison of north and south sided area’s flora in the Ciuc basin forests
  • Gabriella SZÉKELY: Growing possibilities of the fennel in the Ciuc basin
Geology – Mineralogy – Hidrology
  • Anikó DEÉ NAGY: Minerals between books. The mineralogical collection of Domokos TELEKI and Sámuel TELEKI at the Teleki Library in Târgu Mureş.
  • Csaba  JÁNOSI – Éva PÉTER – Kincső JÁNOSI: Spas in Szeklerland
  • Kincső JÁNOSI: The bibliography of mineral water research in Szeklerland
  • Ferenc WANDEK: Research history of the Lignit – Bearninrg Pliocene deposits in the Baraolt – Braşov – Trei Scaune basin; 1st Chapter: From the beginning to the end of the 19th century.

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