The Mikó Castle   
The Mikó Castle is a fortified castle that became generally known as “The Castle” (A Vár). It is the oldest building of Miercurea – Ciuc. It was built on the initiative of Ferenc Hídvégi Mikó, vice – captain of the Szeklers from Ciuc, in order to stop the invasion of the Turkish troops. Ferenc Mikó was advisor of the Transylvanian prince, Gábor Bethlen. Mikó was member of the lower nobility but thanks to his loyalty to the prince, he became member of the high nobility. He was one of the most experienced diplomats of Gábor Bethlen and one of the most remarkable personalities of the 17th century political life. In 1613 Mikó was named as captain of the Szeklers from Ciuc, but the local residents were not enthusiastic about his nomination. Their disapproval against Mikó was based on his lack of a local residence, on his lack of animals and estates in the region. It seems however that the real reason of their disapproval was the Unitarian religion and the “foreign” origin of Mikó (he was not born in the region of Ciuc).

The Sekler Museum of Ciuc
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The Nagy Imre Art Gallery
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