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Mineral Water Museum Tusnad   
The museum from the centre of Tuşnad Sat is operated by the Szekler Museum of Ciuc. The design and execution of the exhibition has been done by the Csíki Természetjáró és Természetvédő Egyesület (CsTTE – The Association from Ciuc for Hiking and Environmental Protection) and the Ars Topia Foundation with the help of Hungarian and Transylvanian industrial artists, students, the local population and crafts men.

The Csomád – Bálványos Region can be found at the Eastern border of Transylvania, at the meeting point of the Ciuc - , Trei Scaune de Sus – and Bixad – basin. The Csomád – mountain range is the youngest volcanic formation of the Harghita Mountain. You can find in the region 5 localities: Lăzăreşti, Tuşnad, Băile Tuşnad, Bixad and Turia. During centuries the locals of this region have been making a living from the natural endowments and resources of the land. The region is well – known because of its more than one hundred springs used for centuries as drinking – water or as spas.

The Mineral Water Museum draws the attention to the value of the waters of the region, and to the history of the drinking – water and spa – culture that is based on these waters. The residence of the Museum is Tuşnad, a place where locals, tourists and guests stop to take water with them. This way the museum gives the possibility to these people to take a look into a different kind of tourism that is calm, wears boots and has a special theme.

The Museum has as its residence a yurt – shaped building, to emphasize that during the visit we walk over a “mineral water path” that begins with the steam bath of the Scythian and Hungarian shamans and ends with the modern spa – culture of today. The building is of 40 square metres (inner exhibition surface); the exhibition surface is of 60 – 90 square metres (internal and external).

The central room of the exhibition:
The felt tent version
The reconstructed version of the sitz bath
Dog sledge used for carrying mineral water
Bottling – and bottle cleaner – machines
Items of  bath – life
Geology of Szeklerland
Environmental protection in the surroundings of the mineral water springs

Szekler Museum of Ciuc – Zsolt Gyarmati, Sándor Kelemen, Miercurea – Ciuc
Ars Topia Foundation
CsTTE – The Association from Ciuc for Hiking and Environmental Protection – Csaba Jánosi, Miercurea – Ciuc
Magyar Földtani Intézet (Hungarian Geological Institution)
Országos Széchényi Könyvtár (National Széchényi Library)
NKA (Hungarian Cultural Institution that finances projects) College of Applied Arts
Haszmann Pál Ethnographical Museum, Cernat    
Aquaprofit, Krisztina Müller, Budapest
Kós Károly Association and the Mayor’s Office from Tuşnad

We hope that reading this short introduction will determine you to come and visit this special museum and to get to know the surroundings better.

Tuşnad Sat (Tusnádfalu) Main Street nr. 223

The Sekler Museum of Ciuc
Miercurea Ciuc, Cetatii Square no. 2
Harghita County, Romania

The Nagy Imre Art Gallery
Miercurea Ciuc, Zsögödi Nagy Imre Street no. 175.

The Kossuth Gallery
Miercurea Ciuc, Kossuth Lajos Street no. 12
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Muzeul Secuiesc al Ciucului
530132 Miercurea Ciuc, Piaţa Cetăţii nr.2
Judeţul Harghita, Romania

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